YAP Fees

First semester 306,000yen
Second semester 300,000yen

*Fees include:
Tuition fee – 200,000yen
Registration Fee – 100,000yen
Administration Fee – 6,000yen

Note: Once paid, Registration and Administration Fees cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Tuition fees may be refunded, less bank charges, if an application is cancelled up to the day prior to the start of class.

Payment Deadline

Spring Semester Admission: December 15th
Fall Semester Admission: June 15th
*Specific payment details will be provided to successful applicants.

Living Costs

  1. Accommodation: Apartmen -  30,000 to 80,000yen per month.
  2. Food: 30,000yen per month (dependent on diet).
  3. Incidentals: 10,000yen per month. 

* Applicants will be notified if student accommodation is available. However, finding accommodation is fundamentally the YAP applicant’s responsibility. KSU can introduce a real estate agent to applicants upon request.
*Students are responsible for all travel costs, Insurance and other non-academic related costs.